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Difference between Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4

In this article, we’ll discuss What the Difference between Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4. Currently, Bootstrap 4 is the latest version of Bootstrap. Bootstrap new version has come up with some significant changes, adding new components, eliminate others.

Probably Bootstrap is the first choice of front-end developers. As we know Bootstrap is a trusted open-source framework to develop a modern website and applications quickly. A most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive websites.

Bootstrap provides the basic structure of HTML and CSS with predefined classes, which help you to build functionality quickly and easily with device responsiveness. Thus, It saves plenty of times. For example, no need to start developing from scratch.

Main Differences between Bootstrap 3 vs Bootstrap 4

1. Global Changes

Switched from LESS to SASS for source CSS files. Because SASS is more potent than LESS. For example, SASS has functionality like logical operators, loops, nested media queries, mixin, class extend, and many others. Thus, SASS gives better comfort. SASS help you to keep large stylesheets well-organized and makes it easy to share design within the project. You can also read about the SASS official tutorial.

2. Grid Systems

3. Navigation

4. Images and Media Objects

5. Tables


15. Other Components

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