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Dragoș Străinu
Dragoș Străinu

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Meteor: a better way to use meteor npm command

Meteor advice to run meteor npm ... instead of npm ....

Using the meteor npm ... commands in place of traditional npm ... commands is particularly important when using Node.js modules that have binary dependencies that make native C calls (like bcrypt) because doing so ensures that they are built using the same libaries.

But if you are switching constantly between node projects (with/without meteor) sometimes you may forget to use meteor npm ... or use it in the wrong place.


We can create a bash function that will replace npm and run meteor npm ... if we have a .meteor folder in the project.

as all Meteor apps have a .meteor directory

Edit your shell config file with vim, nano, or vscode. Add this function at the end of the file.

# Add me to shell config file. ~/.zshrc or ~/.bashrc
ORIGINAL_NPM=$(which npm)
npm() {
  NC='\033[0m' # No Color
  if [[ -d .meteor ]]
    echo "${RED}Meteor project${NC}\nRunning:\n\n\t${GREEN}meteor npm $@${NC}\n";
    meteor npm $@
    eval $ORIGINAL_NPM $@
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If needed we can also add another function for meteor node.

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