A fuzzball of an introduction.

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"Code tailored WHILE U WAIT."

What can I say... Well... I've been programing in various languages (C, multiple dialects of Basic, C++, Perl, PHP, Python, Informix 4GL, bash) for over 30 years now. Slowly I'm tossing some code up on my GitHub repo.

Mainly, though, I'm a generalist programmer. Toss me at some project, and I'll research it and get it done. I like my programming languages to resolve integer 0 to false and my code well formatted yet compact.

I work for Edge Hosting, LLC and take the MARC train into Baltimore every day. There, I'm mostly writing up C# and Python.

There's much that I didn't know about, but Dev.To's been very useful for some coding here and at home. Plus, the "books" have been useful (O'RLY? YA RLY!).

For the name and avatar pog? Well, that's a bit of history that may be divulged later on...

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Furry software engineer. I solve digital problems. Code tailored "WHILE U WAIT". Transit enthusiast & sci-fi/furry artist/author.


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