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How to install Ghost locally

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A best way to get started with Ghost, which is easier ways create your own blog.

1. Overview

Running Ghost locally is the easiest way to do some local development.

2. Prerequisites

To install Ghost locally you will need the following:

  • A computer running MacOS, Windows or Linux
  • A supported version of Node.js
  • Either yarn or npm to manage packages
  • A clean, empty directory on your machine

3. Install Node in Mac

In the terminal app in MacOS. Run following commands.

  • brew update
  • brew install node
  • npm -v

4. To Uninstall node and NPM

  • brew uninstall node

5.Instal Ghost CLI

  • npm install ghost-cli@latest -g

6. Install Ghost local

cd(change directory) to the folder where you want ghost to be installed locally.

  • ghost install local

7. Test it

Once the install is finished you'll be able to access your new site on http://localhost:2368 and http://localhost:2368/ghost to access Ghost Admin ✨
That's it! You're done.

8. Other Commands

Ghost runs in a separate background process and remains running until you stop it or restart your computer. So you may find these commands useful for taming it:

  • ghost stop to stop Ghost
  • ghost start to start Ghost
  • ghost log views logs
  • ghost ls to list all running Ghost blogs

9. Setup an admin account

In the url http://localhost:2368/ghost/ go through the admin creation process, the you'll be able to see the admin dashboard.

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10. Conclusion!

Congratulations, now you have successfully setup the ghost blog locally! ✌️

Go to following Url to see your local blog!

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Note: Local installs are not for productions.

Hopefully you are able to install Ghost for suitable blogging platform for you after playing around with it. 😃

Thank you for reading! 😊

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