Kindly share the work/life related website(s) you never fail to visit everyday, and why

sudo_kaizen profile image Orim Dominic Adah ・1 min read

Everyone has that dev, work or life related website they never fail to visit EVERY DAY of their dev life. It could be

or any other one.

Kindly share with us and tell us why that website is a daily go-to for you. You never know.. You may win someone over to that website through its usefulness to you🤷‍♀️😉


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  • Stack Overflow, of course, I'm a dev.
  • Dev.to to try and get a new perspective on programming
  • English Language & Usage simply because I moderate there, and I'll likely pick up a new titbit about English.
  • Stack Exchange chat because I like to chat.

And! TIL that I could go chat at chat.stackexchange.com whenever. Thanks to Matt

It seems like you are a big fan of the StackExchange group of websites. Your English doesn't look moderate to me though. I couldn't even tell. It looks very okay. What's your first language?


Sorry, Orim, for the confusion. I'm a native English speaker. I'm a moderator on the EL&U Stack Exchange, that is: I handle things like when people flag spam or rude behaviour.

I'm glad to have helped you find chat.

That's really awesome, you being a moderator.
Sure! And many folks who read your post have found out about it too 😉


StackOverflow because doesn't everyone find their answers there???

Dev.to is new to me in the last few weeks but is quickly becoming a staple.

Still am a sucker for engadget/techcrunch.

ProductHunt to see cool new things people are building.


Yeah! ProductHunt! I visit there too, haha; but not daily. I visit there to get pet project ideas.
StackOverflow is bae.. Haha

Is there anyone you visit for life advice?


There is not. I have my life on a perfect track! haha (joking)


For me,

  1. StackOverflow. What can we ever do without you. I visit for solutions to my coding challenges when the documentation cannot help. I also visit to answer questions too

  2. Dev.to to learn from the experiences and musings of other developers and participate in its awesomee developer community


For me The Register is definetly the best news source for tech/science stuff. Comical and informative, I always read a few postos from them before starting my day.


That's nice. I've never heard of them but I checked them now. Haha. They present tech news in a comical fashion. Cheers!