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MY-CMD-CLI npm package


You can run multiple command with one command name. You can manually create, delete and update command.


my-cmd-cli demo gif

Install my-cmd-cli:

npm i -g my-cmd-cli
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To know all cammand, run:

my -h
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Usable Commads:

  • my add ==> to add new nameing commands
  • my delete ==> to delete nameing commands
  • my update ==> to update nameing commands
  • my < command name > ==> to run your saved nameing commands
  • my all ==> to show all saved naming commands
  • my -h ==> to get help
  • my -v ==> to see version of this package

It made on linux, It may not run perfectly on windows. But a big welcome to you to make it possible for windows also!

You can contribute: Github repo

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