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11 Agile Tools for Project Management and Software Development

11 Agile Tools for Project Management and Software Development

Looking for an agile tool for your project management needs? Look no further, cause we’ve got your back.

Agile has gained popularity and has become the go-to process for software teams to ensure they are building quality products.

But leading an agile software development team isn’t the easiest of jobs.

You need to plan features, prioritize them, run sprints, have meetings to ensure everyone is on track, and ensure you ship quality, bug-free features on time.


To handle all this, you need a project management tool set in place to handle all these requirements you'll have seamlessly.

There are several agile tools available in the market, but not every tool can satisfy your needs. After all, every team is unique and have different needs. Right?

This exhaustive list of agile tools will help you make a decision and pick the tool that will solve your pain points.

If you're new to Agile, you might be interested in this in-depth guide to Agile Software Development.

1. Zepel

11 Agile Tools for Project Management and Software Development

Zepel is a project management tool for software product teams. Whether you decide to follow scrum or kanban, Zepel has all the constructs and features you need to effortlessly plan features and track its progress.

Most tools for agile make it unnecessarily hard for teams to adopt the tool. Zepel makes it easy for members from any team to quickly get started and adopt the tool, so you can collaborate within and across teams.

Agile features in Zepel:

  1. Effortless Feature Planning With Document Interface
  2. Create user story, enhancements, bugs, tasks, subtasks, sections
  3. Sprints
  4. Sprint Board
  5. Customizable Kanban Boards
  6. Estimations
  7. Agile Reports
  8. Hashtags to set priorities
  9. Several other features

Pricing: Free to $7/member/month

11 Agile Tools for Project Management and Software Development
A Zepel user's review on Product Hunt

11 Agile Tools for Project Management and Software Development


11 Agile Tools for Project Management and Software Development

JIRA is by far the most popular agile tool for software teams. It was built for issue and bug tracking initially, but can be moulded to be used for software product development as well. Since JIRA’s capabilities are nearly endless, it has become the default choice for most companies.

However, their endless list of capabilities and their old UI and UX often hinders progress for several teams. It requires to be set up in the right way for teams to use it effectively.

Agile features in JIRA:

  1. Issue types
  2. Boards
  3. Workflows
  4. Backlog
  5. Roadmap

Pricing: Free to $14/user/month

Not a fan of JIRA’s clutter? Here’s a list of 9 JIRA alternatives you can choose from instead.

3. Trello

11 Agile Tools for Project Management and Software Development

Trello is so popular among agile teams, you probably have already signed up and tried it within your team. The entire tool is focussed around Kanban methodology which makes it effortless to get started. Within each project, your board can have multiple columns known as lists and cards to represent a task. When you want to show progress being made, you move a card from one column to the other.

Trello is great for small teams who don’t need anything more than a kanban board to track tasks. If you are looking to go beyond simple task tracking, Trello might not be the best option in the market.

Agile features in Trello:

  1. Kanban Boards
  2. Labels
  3. Custom fields

Pricing: Free to $20.83/user/month

Compare Zepel’s capabilities to Trello

4. Github Project Management

11 Agile Tools for Project Management and Software Development

Your development team is most likely already using Github to host and collaborate on the codebase. With Github project management, they can now track and fix issues too.

By linking issues and pull requests, your team members can track updates in your project without complicating your workflow. And if you associate an issue with a pull request, it will automatically close when the pull request is merged.

Agile features in Github Project Management:

  1. Kanban board
  2. Labels
  3. Issue linking to pull requests

Pricing: Free to $25 per month for 5 users

Did you know you can integrate Zepel to Github?

5. Pivotal Tracker

11 Agile Tools for Project Management and Software Development

Pivotal Tracker is a project planning tool for software development teams. It is built to keep your agile team on track to hit their sprint goals. It’s sprint planning guides you with breaking down and prioritizing projects into manageable, actionable chunks for your team to keep the momentum going.

With a view of your team’s work, Pivotal Tracker ensures everyone in your team has a real-time, single source of truth.

Agile features in Pivotal Tracker:

  1. Stories
  2. Estimation
  3. Backlog
  4. Iterations

Pricing: Free to $250 per month

6. Orangescrum

11 Agile Tools for Project Management and Software Development

Orangescrum an agile project and a task management software with open source and a cloud version. Its main selling point is along with the agile features it provides, it also includes time, resource, and invoice management.

Orangescrum enables your team to centralize all your projects and tasks while managing resources. It helps teams to work closely together with its collaboration features such as file sharing.

This makes it a great tool for service companies that have several clients.

Agile features provided by Orangescrum:

  1. Scrum Board
  2. Sprints
  3. Epics
  4. Tasks management

Pricing: Free to $109 per month. Orangescrum also provides a self-hosted plan that has a one-time payment in the range of $259 to $4,999.

7. Kanbanize

11 Agile Tools for Project Management and Software Development

Kanbanize is an agile tool centred around kanban board. It helps you organize and manage work efficiently by allowing you to see all initiatives at a glance.

One of the best functionalities in Kanbanize is that you break down a card in a kanban board into smaller chunks of cards that can then be automated to go through a series of steps. And if you are a client services company, you’ll love their time tracking functionality that will help you with your agile reports.

Agile features in Kanbanize:

  1. Kanban Boards
  2. WIP limits
  3. Agile reporting

Pricing: Free to $99 per month

8. ActiveCollab

11 Agile Tools for Project Management and Software Development

ActiveCollab is the project management tool that lets you plan and track your work. With its document management, budgeting, and invoices, it goes beyond project management whenever you have a need it. It is effortless to configure and has several capabilities that let you plan and streamline processes within your organization.

It works great if you work with multiple clients. It allows you to limit access to clients, so you don’t have to give them entire access but limit it to just the data related to them.

Agile features in ActiveCollab:

  1. Kanban Board
  2. Time tracking
  3. Labels

Pricing: $4 per member per month - $7 per member per month

9. Wrike

11 Agile Tools for Project Management and Software Development

Wrike the agile project management tool to get real-time visibility. It includes a Kanban board and a Gantt chart that lets you organize your work in one place and streamline your collaboration process.

Wrike allows you to view your team’s progress through multiple dashboards. It displays projects that haven’t started, that are overdue, and the ones that are due this week. You can, however, customize and add more dashboards for each project your agile software team is involved in.

Agile features in Wrike:

  1. Kanban Boards
  2. Dashboard
  3. Reports
  4. Gantt charts

Pricing: Free to $24.80 per user per month

10. Backlog

11 Agile Tools for Project Management and Software Development

Backlog by Nulab is an agile project management tool that also brings with it version control. The burndown charts, Git & SVN repositories, along with Wikis enable developers to manage their entire workflow in one place.

With capabilities like custom field and Gantt charts, it makes it easy for the team to organize and track work.

Its simple interface lets you view, prioritize, and discuss all tasks in one place. And when there’s progress being made or when you’re assigned a new task, it has a notification system in place to let everyone know.

Agile features in Backlog:

  1. Kanban Board
  2. Task hierarchy
  3. Gantt charts
  4. Custom fields

Pricing: Free to $175 per month

11. Sprintly

11 Agile Tools for Project Management and Software Development

Sprintly is an agile project management software that shows you what your team is working on and what they’ve finished. It makes it easy for startups and agencies to collaborate by giving them a full view of what the team is working on.

Sprintly integrates with Github and allows your development team to automatically update their work from Github. It even integrates with Zapier if you need to add more capabilities to their integrations.

On of Sprintly’s biggest drawback according to some reviews on the internet is there are no due dates and no sprint capability. It also tends to get slow and hamper the team’s productivity.

Agile features in Sprintly:

  1. Kanban Boards
  2. Syntax filters
  3. Reports
  4. Integrations

Pricing: $19 per month to $399 per month

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