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Discussion on: Atlassian sunsetting mercurial support in BitBucket

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SyntaxSeed (Sherri W) • Edited

This turn of events is pretty distressing for me. I chose Mercurial about 10 years ago as a new freelancer- not wanting to use Visual SourceSafe like my employer.

First I used it only locally - the TortoiseHg GUI made it so, so easy. I then self-hosted the repos literally on shared hosting - that's how simple it was. I later moved to BitBucket for the added features & "stability" that a cloud service would provide.

Fast forward 10 years & I have DOZENS of client & personal repos on BitBucket. I'm still a freelancer & only working part time till my youngest child starts school next year.

So, migrating will be a HUGE project that I don't have the time for. I don't blame BitBucket for dropping Mercurial.... Git has clearly 'won' despite being WAY more complex & not having great GUI options on Linux. But the short timeline & lack of automatic migration from BitBucket is a crappy move. I'll be looking at GitLab or GitHub as my replacement.

Sigh. Wasn't prepared for this ON TOP of the huge PHP 5.6 -> 7.3 migration I'm also slogging through.

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michelemauro Author

After working around it a bit, I'm testing SourceHut: it looks as an interesting idea, very minimal, very alpha, very simple and focused.

They welcome Bitbucket refugees 😁

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SyntaxSeed (Sherri W)


So far I'm having luck migrating them to Git and moving to GitLab.

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Amphyby • Edited

take a look at the codebase too. Moved there and pretty happy :)