Cover image for The Westworld's/BlackMirror's Gadgets and how they can be made? 🧐🤷🏻‍♂️

The Westworld's/BlackMirror's Gadgets and how they can be made? 🧐🤷🏻‍♂️

sarthology profile image Sarthak Sharma ・1 min read


As fascinating as they seem, they are far from reality, especially in near future.

But do you think with fast internet and shifting the entire computation to cloud this can be achieved? The only hardware then be required is for connection and displaying it.

Or if you have some other theories on how to achieve it, let's discuss tonight.



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Robin Kretzschmar

I mean there are OLED displays already. Li-Fi is also on its way to the consumers. If those two will be combined with like a glass plate, it would be possible to live stream the image to the glass.
For the interaction I found a german company that build miroled which is T-OLED. These are transparent OLED displays with touch functionallity!

Sounds like a plan? 🤘

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Andrew Baisden

Maybe not so far from reality as people would think. I am pretty sure that there are many prototype technologies out there that we are yet to see because the companies who created them are not ready to reveal them to us 😎

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A lot of linux in there. And honestly linux i d use

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Nicolas Marshall

Do I miss a point or are they just touchscreen tablets with less bezels ? (basically exactly what tablets and laptops and phones are evolving to right now)