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Configuring MessageBird account in Software AG Integration Workflow


This article describes how to create a trial account and generate the API Key in MessageBird and configuring an account in the workflow.




  1. To create a new trial account in the MessageBird application, open the link image After clicking on the “Start for free now” option we get the following screen. image Click on the “Log in with email” option.
  2. Enter the Email id and Password details and click the “Create Account” button. image
  3. Click on the “Select” button for the developer option image
  4. A confirmation message is sent to the mail id. image
  5. Click on the link sent to activate the account image
  6. Press on the “Claim Free Credits” option. image
  7. Press the “Claim you free credits” button after entering the mobile no. to be registered. image
  8. Enter the verification code, which is sent to the registered mobile no. Click on the “Verify” button. image
  9. After the successful verification we get the following screen image
  10. Click on the “SMS – API Getting Started” option present in the left side panel, the following screen is displayed: image Click on the “Manage API Keys” link as marked in the screenshot or click the link Welcome back! - MessageBird
  11. Click on the “API access” option. image
  12. The API access keys are displayed as shown in the below screen: image
  13. After clicking on the “Show Key” option the Live API Key and Test API Key are revealed. image There are 2 keys Live API Key and Test API Key. Live API Key can be used for live testing till the credits last. The Test API Key can be used anytime, it can be used for dummy testing.
  14. Log in to Integration.
  15. Create a new project or choose an existing project if required.
  16. Click on the workflows tab and add a new workflow. image
  17. Name your workflow and then Drag and drop MessageBird from the connector pallet and double click on MessageBird connector to configure the account. image
  18. Select action and click on (+) to add an account. image
  19. Fill in the required data. Enter the Server URL -, API Key as shown in the screen below. Press Add button. A connector for MessageBird is generated. image
  20. Connect the connector to stop and save the workflow and click on run to run the entire workflow. image image

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