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I Try This Every Year

This is my 4th Hacktoberfest

Hi, I'm Angela, I joined DEV because I'm really interested in code and I kept coming across cool articles from here so I went ahead and joined. My first Hacktoberfest was no5 and I didn't even have a GitHub account when I started.


For a long time I struggled with how to work Git Hub. I've been learning web development for a few years now. I'm pretty good with HTML and CSS, can't quite wrap my head around JavaScript and I'm slowly learning PHP (which seems easier than JS somehow?). Honestly, I just started to get a handle on how to add, commit, and push changes.


I'm not as far along in my journey as I would like, but every year Hacktoberfest rolls around and gets me fired up to contribute. I love seeing people posting about their successes on GitHub or what project they've been helping with.


I mostly look for easier repos during Hacktoberfest like "add a poem" or "change the button color". I haven't quite figured out how to look at a repo and see if there is anything I can help with. I'm not sure if that's because I mainly work with front end web development type things or if I'm just not grasping a simple concept.


I'm excited to participate this year, it doesn't feel quite as overwhelming as it has in years past. I was able to make a couple of contributions so far without totally messing up or crashing GitHub. This year my goal is to keep contributing at least a little bit through the year after Hacktoberfest ends so that maybe by next year I'll feel a little more comfortable. I also want to start building out my own projects to really practice my skills.

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