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Web Development Part 1C: HTML can do stuff


This lesson includes your first test, and it's challenging! Don't worry, you'll do great! Don't forget to use the hashtag #TimTeachesCode to chat about the course, help each other out, or brag about your new skills! Remember, you can all contact me whenever you'd like, 24/7 and I'll respond ASAP.

** LESSON 3 **

Hello Friends! In the last lesson, we learned about images, additional HTML tags, and accessibility. We also briefly touched on responsive images and view source / inspect element capabilities. This week we'll be putting all of our new knowledge together to demonstrate what we've been learning for the past two weeks! While this lesson marks the end of our HTML review, it doesn't mean that we're done learning! Keep studying on your own. Every question you have has an answer just a google search away.


Complete: Make a new codepen! This time we'll be creating an FAQ page (Using the summary details element) with a contact form. Use as many different input types and links as you can. Remember, this shouldn't have any styling! The goal is to simply create an outline for the page that we would later add CSS and JavaScript to. 

BONUS: Did you know it's possible to validate input fields with HTML alone? You can use special attributes to allow the browser to check things like emails, dates, and empty fields to make sure the data is correct! If you'd like, include these validations into your contact form. Good Luck!

Respond: Reply to the email with a link to the new codepen and a brief summary of what you've learned about forms, links, and inputs. Also include your plans to continue studying HTML and how you'll keep this new skill sharp! This lesson will be graded! I'll respond to every email with an explanation of your grade, as well as what you can improve on. You may re-submit your pens in order to get a better grade!

Notes: This lesson will be tough! Take your time, read through all of the material, and triple check your work! When you get done, read through to gain a better understanding of how the web works.

Lesson 4 will go out next week


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