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Create a virtual business card with! has finally launched, which means you can claim your username to get access to your own page with all of your relevant developer credentials.

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This all-in-one free homepage for developers is a convenient way to organize all of your profiles: LinkedIn, Twitter, Codepen, Openbase, and even!

You can feature as many skills as you like, customize your bio with markdown, and choose a custom vanity URL (mine is to help share your page with others.

I like showcases like these in lieu of building a portfolio site, especially for developers who focus more on full stack and backend development. The team at Openbase has made this tool very easy to use, with no code or configuration required!

Sign up and grab your username while it's still available! from Openbase

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Ben Halpern

This is neat!

I like the overall design, and I think it lends itself to small improvements over time because it's fairly minimalist.

By small improvements, I could see ironing out some layout shift stuff when landing, maybe enforcing a minimum image size so it's not grainy, etc. I think you could go a long way by making small continuous improvements as opposed to trying too hard to expand the feature set. Constraints are great!

Good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback Ben!

suzamax profile image

Like it! I have already claimed my username šŸ˜€