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Week 6 of Coding Period in GSoC

In week 6 of the Coding Period, I fixed some pending issues and sent PR for that issues. Let's talk about the issues I fixed in week 6.

I started by changing the directory structure of the project. It was necessary because of scaling the project. The previous directory structure of the project looked like this:

The new directory structure looked something like this:
The major change in the directory structure was moving the components to the related folders and update the path in the files where they are being used. Though, this task was last on the list and I proposed this task as a bonus task, but it was becoming a bit difficult to manage the components in the old directory structure. So, I prioritized this issue and fixed it first.

Then I fixed an old issue of splitting one main CSS file to multiple CSS files in this PR. By doing this, it became easier to handle and perform CSS tasks. In this task, there was a subtask of adding SCSS support to the project. Then, I added the node-sass meteor package to the project.

That was all for week 6, let's meet again in the week 7 blog. Thanks for reading this one :)

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