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Week 7 and 8 of Coding Period in GSoC

TL;DR let's talk about the week 7 and 8 of the Coding period in GSoC. I added the feature of custom background on models and the oAuth with MediaWiki is in progress. In this blog, I'll talk about two weeks together because on week 8 I was not well and I could not work in that week.

The first enhancement I started in week 7 was adding custom background to the viewer where the user sees the model. This feature was requested a long time ago here. I used input type="color" for the color palette and fetched the color in the js file with the meteor events. This task was kind of related to three.js so I looked into the three.js docs about updating the canvas. I got stuck in one issue after updating the color it required the user to trigger zoom or interact with the model viewer in order to update the color of the viewer. After searched about updating the canvas after a change I found animate() and render() can update the canvas. Though I was a bit conscious about using render() because when the object is going to be larger it is gonna re-render the canvas. Anyways, this was the correct fix to update the canvas after updating color.

Then I moved to MediaWiki integration in the project. The requested feature was to add oAuth of MediaWiki to the OGV. The idea was to give users the ability to log in with the MediaWiki account of the users linked to the MediaWiki application they have registered. I found the MediaWiki OAuth documentation a bit confusing. Nevertheless, I followed the docs and tried implementing OAuth in the application. To reduce the complexity of the task and understand how things are working; I set up a new Meteor project and tried implementing the oAuth in the new project. This approach helped me to keep the complexity of the project away from the task and focus on the task. This feature is still in progress and I hope I'll complete this one by the end of this week.

I started the improvement of Documentation of the project side by side. In my one of the previous task, I moved the config of the email server to settings.json in this PR. After this change, it was required to set up SMTP configuration before users can use the application. This instruction was missing in the README file. I added the instructions in the PR. This PR also targets resolving the issues #92 and #87.

That's all for weeks 7 and 8. In the next week, I'll complete the oAuth and Documentation task. Then I'll move the auto height adjustment task.

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