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Cristian Paul Castañeda
Cristian Paul Castañeda

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Beginners Life

My first year here in the What a great experience inside this page and I am so grateful to be part of this growing organization. Where the developers can share ideas and advises the young from development.

I learned a lot of ideas when it comes to becoming a developer. It's kinda fun and at the same time, will make you burn out (If you stay all day on your seat). Learning new technologies, updating the syntaxes of codes (Well, hello, JavaScript!), and learning how to create content. I need more practice and socialize with the people that involves technology. It's a great thing also if I can find a mentor who can help me to improve my programming skills, and in the future, I want to help newbies how to start their career in programming development.

I know the best thing is coming and the grateful moment will be in our hands.

May the odds be in our favor! 🤝

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