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Discussion on: Is JAMstack All Branding and Little Substance?

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Joe Zack • Edited on

I love the philosophy of JAMstack. I'm completely sold on client-side rendering and CDN hosting (and Progressive Web Apps, while we're at it) so why not push as much rendering as possible to build time? I can fetch dynamic data at run-time via API so...why not!?

...but the name does irk me, and I think it confuses and turns people off.

The "J" specifically refers to the subset of the JavaScript that runs in a client. The "M" is just kinda...weird and seems closer to an implementation detail to me, undeserving of a spot in the acronym.

The "stack" is also problematic. I've done a few JAMstack talks and devs that are new to the subject are often tripped up because it's not a prescribed set of components like other stacks (MEAN, LAMP, ELK etc) and the conversation often devolves into what tools are (or can be) JAMstack-y.

That said, I recognize that naming is hard and it's better to have a weak name with an accepted meaning so that we can talk about these subjects at a higher level of abstraction. #TeamJAMstack

For fun, a few other weak terms that I've learned to live with:

  • Driveway / Parkway
  • Full-Stack
  • Serverless
  • Software architect/developer/engineer
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Brian Rinaldi Author

You are spot on about the problems with the term...I always end up talking about stacks within the stack. The lack of prescriptive solutions is both a positive and a negative. And, yes, I've also come to accept some other problematic terms for lack of a better option, though I still can't accept "full stack" and I will die on this hill 😤