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The open source sponsorship experiment

As you may have noticed. You can now also sponsor an open source contributor as a company (a.k.a get an invoice)...

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For the full details read the post over at github

It's no secret that finding a business model with open source is a hard nut to crack... especially when it is a smaller niche product/addon.

So what happens a lot is that open source projects simply turn into abandonware (creator loses interest). As a dev with the code still available you could spend time into adding/fixing what you want of course... but plenty of folks around that just use it without the tech knowledge required to update.

Years ago I made a package that allows you to prevent conflicting edits in Umbraco v7.

Conflicting edits

Short video here:

Now there have been a couple of folks requesting a v8 version...

As an experiment I now want to see if I can get $100 in sponsorship, once I hit that target I'll make the v8 version.

You can find my sponsor page over at

And different tiers:

Alt Text

So 2 companies in the $50 tier or 20 in the $5 tier (or another combo) would work! I don't expect individual personal dev contributions. Compared to doing the dev inhouse this is peanuts.

Let's see how this works out.

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