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Let's talk about life goals

Hello everyone,

So I'm here to talk about my life goals and my future, searching for advice since I feel like I want to do way more than I'm capable of.

At the moment I'm studying full stack developer at Open Classrooms and I'm nearly done, and I love it.

Now the problem is that I have a lot of projets and I don't know what to take.
Si right now I want to continue my parents business what consist in renting holiday chalets to other people since I love that, but I also want to continue another 2 years at Open Classrooms and follow Expert Java. I like them both so I can't decide.

Even for the future I can't decide. I love coding and would like to live from that, but I also have plans to expand my parents business or start a cocktail bar with my wife.
The problem here is that I can choose one of those and do the rest as a hobby in my free time but I can't do all of them, or at least I don't feel capable of.

If someone has any good advice here I would appreciate that ๐Ÿ˜Š

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