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7 CSS properties you had no idea about

Tomasz Łakomy on January 03, 2020

Last decade, I've tweeted this "free interview question": Tomasz Łakomy @tlakomy ... [Read Full]
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It's crazy to me that CSS has these built in properties like the caret property, yet its not possible to change the style of an ul bullet point🤔 CSS is weird!

Great article!


Hey all, thanks for the tips! I actually already use pseudo elements in my CSS to style my lists!

I was instead just commenting about the qwerks of CSS, it's an interesting language to say the least.


CSS is ... interesting

It tries to be a lot of things and is not particularly good at most of them


This made me laugh a little too hard because it's so true. Thanks for that!


I believe it does, list-style-type does the trick if I remember correctly.


A while ago I’ve learned about list-style, is this what you’re looking for? 🌟


The color of the list marker will be whatever the computed color of the element is (set via the color property)

So there's no intuitive "list-style-color" property that would allow a different colored bullet to the font color, the common workaround has been to use spans inside list items and styling the spans with a different color value.

Mozilla have recently introduced a ::marker pseudo-element to allow this more easily, but support outside of Firefox isn't there yet. One to keep an eye on.


I am proud to say i stopped using that flex article a while ago.

Instead i rely on auto-completion, and swapping the property names around frantically until i get them right... :D


flex is actually quite easy... The trouble now is using grids. Way less easy.
I've just switched from isotope to flex + progressive enhancement to grid, using @media and @supports. See


Grid template area is fun if you name everything similar like box1, box2, and so on. It feels like I'm drawing out the page this way.


Generally, a lot of things CSS was made for isn't working as supposed, while at the same time a lot of things can be made work with CSS that was never supposed.


backface-visibility prop. it makes me think of some really weird David Lynch movie


tomasz i only had no idea about 6 of these, i cant believe you'd mislead me like this


Amazing post! Congratulations! I didn't know these CSS properties. Thanks for share this knowledge


Thanks for sharing these awesome tags 👍👍👌


This was an interesting read @ 4:30 am. Thanks for the extra insight in regards to CSS.


I'm more shocked by your comment about flex. I use it all of the time! In my school they taught us float first, and then flex followed by grid. I swear flex felt like a god send after trying to use float to position images.


Where can i get full list of all css property?


I've provided the command at the beginning of the article, you can run npx get-all-css-properties in order to get a complete list


Well, seems like I wasn't a CSS programmer (I know it is not a programming language, just couldn't find another word), I was just assuming that I were.

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