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Processing the Hackathon Muñón data written on the blockchain

After our first round of Hackathones Muñón on top of ethereum we are now sitting in the raw data that participants added to the blockchain. So we decided to participate on a Gitcoin bounty to process meaningful data and expose it to everyone.

Pretty exciting!

So John and I met at a café to discuss this and so far this is the data that sounds relevant to us:

Data useful for organizers

  1. % fees payed upfront before event's date

This may help us understanding when participants register and anticipate to it

Data useful of people interested in participating

  1. % participants cashed out more Eth than the entrance fee
  2. Participants collected X average Ether
  3. Average participant review score X
  4. Top participant review score X
  5. Top participant ether collected X

Note: This data above can be presented into the All time category or sectioned by event (we have had 2 events so far).

What do you guys think? Any comments? Otherwise, I'll start coding!

John and I at the café figuring this out:

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