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We just attended to a decentralized hackathon

On July 6th and 7th 2019 we attended to the Hackathón Muñón at San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We hacked, chilled, got and gave feedback to each other. We had a good time. Also we experienced what is like being part of a DAO powered by the blockchain.

This was not an usual hackathon. At the Hackathón Muñón there are no judges nor "winners" and "loosers". This is to promote hacking, innovating and teamwork.


To participate, every one pays an entry fee that goes to a pot. At the end of the event everyone reviews each other work. Finally, the pot gets distributed proportionally depending on how the every participant perceived your work.

We created a dapp on top of ethereum blockchain to simplify the process. On the dapp, participants registered, rated each other and received their corresponding reward.

Moving forward

We kept this hackathon quite lowkey due to it's experimental nature. Now we are making improvements based on what we learned and expect to organize more in the near future.

Info sheet

  • 6 hackathon muñón has been hosted so far
  • 2 of them on the blockchain
  • We reached 1+ eth pot with the help of sponsors
  • Landing page
  • Dapp used (not live)
  • Github repo, code contributions very welcome!
  • Now improving stuff, see the issues
  • Unite a nuestro discord y chateá con nosotros!

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