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Blockchain Technology: Web 3.0 Developer Roadmap

What is Blockchain technology? Have you ever used Google docs or Google sheets? Well if you have then you might as well be able to understand what Blockchain technology is all about. Try not to get this all confused as I will elaborate more on the comparison.

Google Sheet is an excellent contrast for a better grasp of what blockchain technology is. When we generate a document and share it with a group of individuals, it is disseminated rather than replicated or moved. This results in a decentralized distribution network in which everyone has simultaneous access to the document. While another party adds changes to the document, no one is locked out, and all changes are monitored in real-time, making them entirely transparent.

Blockchain is more involved than a Google Sheet, and it highlights three key concepts. The first important concept is that Blockchain is a database for storing encrypted data blocks and connects them to create a chronological single-source-of-truth for the data. Secondly, digital assets are disseminated instead of duplicated or moved, producing an immutable record of the various resources and lastly the asset is decentralized, allowing for real-time public accessibility and transparency. A visual record of alterations protects the document's integrity, fostering trust in the asset. Blockchain's inherent security characteristics, as well as the fact that it is a public ledger, make it a perfect option for almost any business.

Blockchain technology is a promising and revolutionary technology because it minimizes risk, eliminates fraud, and enables transparency for many applications. An organized method will greatly accelerate your learning if you want to become a Web 3.0 Blockchain developer. Allow me to provide you with a road map that will undoubtedly guide you to your destination!

Web 3.0 Blockchain developer Requirements

Learn a Programming Language

To begin your journey as a blockchain developer, you should be familiar with JavaScript as well as web development in general. If you don't have this prerequisite don’t panick. This is a good time to take a step back and learn about web programming. There are a plethora of excellent courses and tutorials available. You won't have any trouble locating suitable course. JavaScript is a very powerful language that allows you to make your website more interactive by adding functionality to you web applications. JavaScript is a versatile, beginner-friendly, and compact scripting language with a lot of flexibility. A very good place to start is at freecodecamp. and W3schools.

Learn the fundamentals of blockchain technology.

Blockchains are a fantastic piece of technology, but they aren't easy to understand. To comprehend what you'll subsequently build on, you'll need to devote some time to it. Starting here is an excellent idea. To further understand check here

After learning this, you should have a basic understanding of blockchain technology. This is a fantastic starting point for your future studies.

Learn Smart Contracts and Learn Solidity

The blockchain is programmed using smart contracts. They are pieces of code that have been distributed on the blockchain and are written in a language that blockchain nodes can execute.
Smart contracts can accomplish practically everything from fungible and non-fungible coins to the backend of your next decentralized app. They're not like the code you're used to writing, though. They'll account for a significant percentage of your future job, so get to know them. Here's a decent primer on Solidity.

There are a lot of blockchains out there, and practically every one of them has its manner of creating smart contracts. On the other hand, Solidity is the programming language of the Ethereum virtual machine, which is used in several other blockchains.
Solidity isn't only useful for Ethereum. It will also assist you in the development of smart contracts on other blockchains. Solidity developers have by far the most job opportunities. Many companies are building or planning to develop on Ethereum.
You need to know how gas works and how each line of code you write in Solidity influences the price of your smart contract's execution. There's no getting around it. Unfortunately, some businesses optimize their gas use aggressively.
You'll need to understand how to optimize your code if you want to work in this profession because proper optimization may save millions of dollars each year for a frequently utilized app or contract. It will be a component of your work and a big part of individual interviews.
Curious? Crypto Zombies is a fantastic way to get started with Solidity. You learn by playing a game. Is there anything greater than this?

Learn how to use the blockchain as an interface

Your frontend and smart contracts implemented on the blockchain are the two components of decentralized apps. You'll have to interface with the blockchain for your frontend to communicate with it. Libraries come in handy in this situation.
There are two important basic ways to interface with Ethereum API-based blockchains, and these:
• Web3.js
• ethers.js
Choose one and master it thoroughly. It'll come in handy. From now on, it will be one of your most useful tools.


It may appear not easy to learn Web3.0 and blockchain programming, but everyone can accomplish it. While rapid adoption of Web 3.0 is still a long way off, we can see the beginnings of its potential. The internet uses blockchain to advance towards the subsequent development of the web, from bitcoin to smart gadgets. While some of these developments may appear perplexing to people outside the technology industry, there is no need to be concerned about all of them happening at once. Changes to the internet take time and money to produce, so they are frequently slow and incremental, giving the ordinary user time to learn and adapt.
Start with the basics of computer science, JavaScript, Solidity, and cutting-edge DeFi applications.
Blockchain Development is not something you can learn in a week, but you can learn in a year if you put in the effort.

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Roy Oghenero Amorue

Very explanatory and procedural, any tips on keeping ones interest when the javascript going gets tough.