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11 Quick Tips to Help Ramp Up Social Media Engagement

vaishalidelawala profile image Vaishali Delawala ・3 min read

Social media is becoming the top online hub of people using the internet. For entrepreneurs like you, this means that you can now connect with your target audience a lot faster and easier. In fact, almost every online entrepreneur out there is seeking for creative ways to improve their social media engagement.

The majority of business owners now use social media to grow and promote their enterprises. It is essential that you know how to effectively use social media to prevent you from wasting your time updating your Facebook page, and sending out tweets when no one really has any interest in reading them.

That said, here are 11 quick tips that you can implement right away to be able to have a more effective social media marketing strategy”.

Numbers are not everything

Having thousands of fans or followers does not necessarily translate into sales. Even if you are not promoting a business and you have thousands of friends, it does not mean that you are going to have more social interactions, especially if you do not have anything in common.

Spending copious amounts of time looking for followers, when they have no interest in you or your products is a waste of time.

Always offer great, quality contents

When it comes to building a strong social media presence and online reputation in general, everything boils down to the quality of contents you’re offering. From social media updates & images, to blog posts & ad copies, always create the best possible content you can come up with.

Show that you’re interesting and interested

Your social media followers/network should find you interesting, and you can achieve this by telling inspiring stories or by sharing helpful. But being interesting to them is only half the job. You should complete the equation by showing them that you are genuinely interested with their lives, their problems and their stories as well. Showing that you’re ready to help them whenever you can is even more important.

Share useful links

Sharing links that may be of value to your followers or readers is one way to strengthen your connection with them.

Stick with simple services

You can achieve just as much in terms of promotion with a service that is free than with one you have to pay for.

If you are new to the world of social media you should start with a simple site such as twitter and Facebook which both have millions of users worldwide.

Never forget your call to actions

Always tell explicitly your readers what you want them to do next. Call to actions such as “share this”, “leave your comment below”, “click to re-tweet” can encourage more conversation and engagement.

Ask questions

One way to increase engagement is by posting status updates in the form of open-ended questions. The social media community likes to share their ideas and an open-ended question is a great way to start a lively conversation with them.

Share eye-catching and fun images

Your social media campaign will work more effectively if you incorporate a great visual strategy in it. People love good, witty & fun images.

Keep your social media accounts updated

Consistency is another crucial key to improving your social media engagement. Be consistent and be always there. Establish a constant presence and connect with your audience in a regular basis.

Limit your effort

You don't need to have a profile on every single social networking site. Stick to a handful of the best sites and link them all together. For example, you can have your twitter page link to your blog and Facebook page.

Be more sociable

Instead of directly selling your products or services, engage your followers in conversation.

Social media takes a different approach than other web based techniques such as email marketing. You have to sell yourself as well as your business.

Be Honest

Refrain from writing fake positive reviews to gain popularity, savvy social media users will see through this and it could harm your reputation.

The next time you come up with your social media campaign, don’t forget to incorporate and implement the 11 tips I shared above. Remember, a quality and engaging social media strategy will keep your audience coming back for more!


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