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Discussion on: Writing functions in Python

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Waylon Walker

Keep up the work Chris.

An extension of functions are lambda functions. They are one liners that make it easy to embed them inline with other functions.

mult = lambda x,y: x * y

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Generally its not best practice to name a lambda like this though, and linters will yell and tell you to just make a regular function. Their power is embedding in other objects easily.

node(lambda x: x * 2, 'input_dataset', 'input_mult_2')
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Here is a simple example of something I do often to create kedro nodes. I make simple functions right inline of creating the DAG node.

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Chris Bongers Author

Yeah had Lambda on my sheet, so they are basically your shorthand arrow function compared to JavaScript?
Or why are they introduced?

I must say I find the full write-out more readable at the moment, but might come in handy for sure!