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How to Install Geany IDE on Linux

geany screenshot 4
Geany IDE

Geany is a cross-platform, feature-rich full-blown integrated development environment (IDE), that you can get on Linux. One good reason I like using the Geany IDE is because of automatica compiler recognition; once a compiler of a programming language is installed on a PC you don’t need any further configuration to start using the compiler to write programs. Geany locates the compiler in the system automatically for you. So if you need a very light-weight IDE for most of your programming (especially languages where you need to compile the source code), I would advise you to go for Geany.

Geany Light Theme

Other reasons you should try geany include , but not limited to, the following;

  • It is lightweight. This is very important as it does not require heavy system resources (like memory). And it loads super fast. Only necessary plugins are packaged with it , even though more plugins can be downloaded for extended functionalities.

  • It can used for simple text editing and, and as a result of a large number of supported files can be used for any programming purpose as a capable IDE.

  • Geany saves and refreshes sessions automatically. You can continue from whee you stopped working after a close.

  • Popularity. It is commonly found in the software repository of different Linux distributions (distros).

  • It is “free”. Both as in freedom (you can share modify and share it) and as in “free beer” you can download and install for free.

- It supports many popular programming languages like JAVA, Python, Go, JavaScript, C/C++, Lisp, Pascal, Fortran, and so many more.

Geany Dark Theme.


Geany is available in the software center and package archives of many Linux ditros. Simply search for “geany” and install with a click.

geany installation software centre
Geany Installation.

Using the command line

You can install geany in the different Linux distros using the following command combinations;



sudo apt-get install geany


To get the newer versions of geany you can use the command;

Add the [_PPA]( to your system_


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:geany-dev/ppa


Update system Software archives;


sudo apt-get update


Before installing;


sudo apt-get install geany


Fedora Linux


yum install geany


Arch Linux

pacman -S geany


You can also use the software center of your particular Linux distro to install geany; simply enter the name – geany – into the search box and hit enter. From there you can install geany with a one simple click.

You can start using one of the best IDEs on Linux right away.

Happy Linux’NG!

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