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Yaseen bashir
Yaseen bashir

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Hy, my name is yaseen bashir, i am goimg to learn javascript so that i can make my career.
i need suggestio.. i practice

  1. how i can become expert in javascript 3.good ways to train himself

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David William Da Costa

i think best practice for learn javascript is learn by doing, if you just. read about javascript (blog, article, etc) but u not implement it or try it, you will didnt get anything. you can learn about javascript from video in youtube but be careful, because you can go throught tutorial hell and when you make something you always use tutorial way not your way.

what i mean is if you make like post app or todo app, you will using the tutorial way and not exploring "is it have another way to make it?". maybe that for me and keep improve with making mini project or something else.

(sorry my english is not good enough😬)

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JoelBonetR • Edited on

I've the same question after 10 years of coding 😆

I think the best way is to combine theory and practice.
You can look at this post. I need to review it with knowledge that I gathered since the time of writting it but still may bring some light to the learning topic.