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Discussion on: To Domain Driven Design

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Yaser Al-Najjar

Beside the great points Kevin (@kmruiz ) already mentioned, I would like to add couple of points:

  • If the services are "chatty" when they talk to each others (via HTTP or whatsoever), you might wanna combine them into one service.

  • It's better to start by writing all the business capabilities (aka features) that a service should handle, and that's ideally before writing any line of code so that you could set the boundaries clearly.

  • Sometimes, it's very very OK to put everything into one service, and separate them later when the boundaries are clearer.

  • You won't get this right from the first iteration, DDD is like a programming-style that goes beyond the initial design, but also during the whole development.

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Vivien Adnot

Thank you a lot for your great advices @kmruiz and @yaser they are inspiring !