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The Ultimate Web Framework Deathmatch!

Are those benchmarking blog post bothering you? Tired of listening to people boast about how good framework X is? Undecided wether to use framework X or framework Y in your new startup?. Fear not!!! You can now (easily) launch your own edition of: The Ultimate Web Framework Deathmatch using TechEmpower's Web Framework benchmarks suite.

The project has a Github repo with all the things you need to run your own tests. As this post is beeing written there's a fierce competition going between an aio-libs based python app and net/http with SQLx, both using PostgreSQL, so just read the instructions and let the games begin! You can add your results to the project via a PR or just post your benchmarking as a comment here.


In case someone is wondering, I have no idea of who the good folks at TechEmpower are, neither I work for them or receive any compensation from them. I just thought the whole Deathmatch thing sounded like a way to have some productive fun.

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