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I got electrocuted ⚡

Youssef Rabei
I'm a 17 years old Javascript enthusiast, Front-End Web Developer 👨‍💻, Musician 🎻 🎹 and a Photographer 📷, Who's probably making coffee ☕ right now.
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So I literally got electrocuted this week that's why I wasn't active this week like I promised and I didn't work on anything.

so what happened


It was 3 am and I was writing (finishing) my second post here on

And my little sister Habiba was sitting on the balcony and keep asking me to get her the charger and I kept telling her I will as soon as I finish what I'm doing.

The Spark

So after I posted it I go to show it to her. THEN I got her the charger, plugged it on thas plug that my father created out of the balcony lamp, then the plug fell and I didn't touch it except when Habiba told me that it's not charging so I hold it and I saw that one of the two wires was cut after it fell, So I left it carefully and I told her that I will fix tomorrow, So I got to the room to turn the lights off so no one gets hurt and I was going to isolate it anyway.

Now I'm in it, I'm electrocuting

On my way to turn the lights off SUDDENLY I stopped in the middle of the way (Still don't know why???) I got back to the balcony and touched the naked wire with my left hand and I kept screaming and screaming (involuntarily) like never before and I got pushed to the opposite wall and I keep feeling the heat on my arm and my legs just stopped so I leaned on a (metal) column and I'm still screaming and waving with my hand with the plug that had no intention to leave my hand then Habiba wanted to touch me but thank god I screamed don't touch me and the neighbors got out to there balcony and my mom wakes up freighted and while she was getting a wooden bloom! Thank God I pushed the wire with my right hand and it finished finally or that what I thought.


I kept saying that I'm okay so mom doesn't freak out more so as soon I could walk they made me lay on the bed and tried to calm me down, then see if I'm okay, and my right side keeps hurting me.

See what happened to my body

First, check what is going on with my (waist) it's a slight burn and I was shaking then my elbow hurts its another burn but this one is bad I think that where the electricity came out from so I thought it's okay and I told Habiba just like the flash his electricity came out from his feet mine came out from my elbow (I don't know why but I think it's like a mechanism to calm everyone down since it's just me, mom and my little sister were there) and after I started to feel my left hand or the whole side I sat there was a lot of burns (like bubbles) on my palm then I kept crying involuntarily (I think it's because I could have been dead right now on the same day I was telling mom about what I wasn't to do on this year and some of my goals)

Asking doctors on 4 am

Mom posted on Facebook what happened and a lot of them scared us more than I did, but most of them said to go to the nearest hospital (like right now) but I didn't want to go or I didn't want to go like 4 am to a hospital (we are not in my city, we thought since there is lockdown all over Egypt, we go to Alexandria (the place we usually go in holidays and summer break) and my dad wasn't there that week), So some doctors ask to see how the burns look like and they said it's okay to rest for a couple of hours and then go to a hospital just to make sure that the electricity didn't miss any of my systems and while mom was doing that, I prayed but while I'm praying there was a lot of things I forgot and I keep trying to remember but I can't (I'm afraid that it could miss my brain and I will be stupid or something). So mom called dad to come as fast as he can so since there is a lockdown the only train is at 6 am that arrives Alexandria at 9 am so I slept until he came.

Not just electricity it's coronavirus

So after dad came we go to a hospital and they said only one can enter with me (I didn't know why the guards were so intense) so one of the doctors made this thing I don't know what does it called to see my heartbeat and some other things and he said that if there is any damage or something bad my heart wouldn't be normal.
After we got out and told dad that I was okay he heard that one of the laboratory scientists got COVID-19 (so this is why they are so intense).


Let's just say that I'm so grateful to be alive so thank god

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