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💲 How much is a website ??

TL;DR I Want to know how to estimate a price for my websites from simple HTML sites to Complex sites (blog, e-commerce, etc...)

This is my first paid website.
It's still finishing it (so be gentle).

What I used to build it

What are the Pages/Features (It's a simple website)

  • The Main Home page (dah)
  • A Gallary with up to 25,000 images (Updateable using Contentful)
  • A 3D CV page with up to 25,000 (minus the above images) (Updateable using Contentful)
  • A Static About page
  • And it's responsive (Like if there is a 2020 web isn't)
  • 404 Page (Work in progress)

I will add in the future

  • A detailed page for every image in the gallery (and probably I will host the images separately with Cloudinary)
  • simple profile so users can comment on the images and rate it and like it etc...
  • Blog using Contentful

So how much should this website now and after the new features cost

And how to estimate my future website or my old personal websites

I searched online and found a couple of blog posts BUT I think it was super expensive
And I found these websites that ask some questions like how many pages does it have cms or a blog and how is the design, etc... and then give you a price and I liked it but I didn't believe it that I can make websites that value these numbers
I will be so happy if these numbers were true because I'm 16 and I can have these numbers
I always loved programming not because of the money I can make I didn't even know how much until now I loved it because the creativity and the problem solving and all this fun stuff not money so that is why I'm a little surprised

Cover credit: Photo by neonbrand on Unsplash

Thanks for reading

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Bad Practice

I've been doing social network projects, and lately I've switched up on my use cases.

  • For front-end, I've started running React through CloudFlare workers. At $5, using their CDN makes all the more sense if I'm trying to have the site reach users across the globe.
  • For back-end, DigitalOcean's Droplet is where I build my servers, minimum $10 since I'm doing PHP and composer hates 1GB RAM. As a developer, I like how easy it is to start from scratch with them on top of networking configurations.
  • For the database, I'm using DigitalOcean's Managed Database (PostgreSQL 12). Starting at $15. They're pretty reliable and flexible.

All-in-all, CF and DO are my gotos for running all of my projects. Cheap, fast, reliable.