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Maybe too unpopular but here it is:

Apple's Macs are way overrated for software development, not worth the money (at least for me) for the hardware specs of their computers, I feel like I only have to use one because they force developers to compile iOS apps in a Mac. Some people say they like its terminal because its better, and they are correct, out of the box its terminal is very good, but you could setup correctly your terminal in Windows or Linux to run as the Mac one, saving you hundreds of dollars and having much better hardware.


I like using them because I find them at a sweet spot between the freedom of Linux and the maintenance a Window need. But I can totally see your point.


This probably counts as another unpopular opinion, but Windows (10 with WSL and an X Server installed) isn't that bad.


Exactly this, the reason I am using Mac right now, and boy it feels good!


I don't understand how Apple could've thought it a good idea to remove the escape key and without at least one USB-A port.

I've used Macs for 10 years because I can't stand Windows, and I need some applications that aren't available for Linux. Pretty sure my next mac will be a hackintosh.


I've got a 2015 MacBook at home that I love developing with. But I wouldn't want to buy a current model, not with all the keyboard issues and lack of anything-but-USB-C ports. Year after year, Apple feels more like a luxury/lifestyle brand than a technology company.

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