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Zoom API Testing Made Easy with Postman Public Workspace

If you're a developer or technical decision maker using Zoom APIs to:

πŸ› οΈ build a customized video communications experience or,

πŸ—£ tell impactful business intelligence stories,'s now easier than ever to test those APIs in a curated way!

We've created a Postman public workspace with done-for-you workflows to get access to and make streamlined requests to Zoom API endpoints.

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How to Use Zoom's Public Workspace

First, you'll need a Postman account. You can create one or log in if you already have one. Then, head over to the workspace.

Workspace Overview

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The workspace is presently comprised of Zoom's public API collections (meeting, phone, video SDK, etc.) and the "Get Started Fast with Zoom APIs" collection. The latter is where you will find specific API request flows we've put together based on developer insight and feedback.

🍴 Fork the "Get Started Fast with Zoom APIs" Collection

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Click on the "Get Started Fast with Zoom APIs" folder and click the three dots in the top-right of the folder to fork the collection to a personal workspace of your choice. Forking the collection allows you to customize and use it as it makes sense for you.

On your forked version, click the folder's three dots to see all the options available to you.

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In particular, note that you can view changelog and pull changes when updates to the collection are made to maintain the latest version.

πŸ‘€ Familiarize Yourself with the Collection-Level Variables We Reference

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There are many request variables within the collection to help make the request flows as user-friendly as possible. As you build across the Zoom Developer Platform ecosystem (e.x. Zoom SDKs, Server-to-Server OAuth app, etc.), update the variables with the relevant app information.

πŸš€ Explore and Make Collection API Requests

After you've done all of the above, start making requests to the Zoom API endpoints:

⚑ Pro Tips ⚑
  • Start with the Authorization by App Type folder to retrieve an access token. An access token is needed for successful requests to the subsequent Zoom API workflows.

  • The OAuth App type will offer the shortest time to first API call if you're new to the Zoom Developer platform and eager to see how things work!

🀝 Collaborate on Improvements to the "Get Started Fast with Zoom APIs" Collection

When you've made edits to your forked version that you think would enhance the experience for most Zoom developers, create a pull request to have those edits considered for the master branch.

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You can also comment on the master branch of the collection to leave feedback, make suggestions and ask clarifying questions.

Stay Connected for More Zoom Developer Updates and Tools

We are excited for you to use the public workspace and for your help in making it better for us all! Learn about other developer initiatives, solutions, content and discussion by tapping in with us here:

Happy coding!

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