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Is entering eternal September?

I'm just reading discussions now. To many articles on front p...

Apples announces new 16-inch Macbook Pro

Dell XPS

The best front-end framework to learn in 2019

Why the fact that Vue is not maintained by well-known compa...

Should interviewees be allowed to search for answers?

Making a good search is a skill imo, not everyone know how ...

What is your top productivity apps that you cannot live without?

I just saw this too !

Frontend vs Backend: Which One Is Right For You?

My bad I've read the article too fast :( (or did I just rea...

Frontend vs Backend: Which One Is Right For You?

Both ?

Bash consoles for windows: Hyper vs Gitbash (my experience so far)

I use cmder with Hyper so i got git-bash in my terminal ;) ...

Poll: why does clicking a DEV comment link display the comment in isolation?

Same here, first time seeing this on a website

Facebook stored hundreds of millions of passwords in plaintext

Oh ! Didnt think of that ! Thanks for the explanation :)

Facebook stored hundreds of millions of passwords in plaintext

Whats the benefit if the generated password is in their log...

What are some Browser plugins that you can't live without ?

Vue DevTools / uBlock / XMLTree

Oh, Stack Overflow is what we want it to be :)

Oh, Stack Overflow

Try to ask here instead ;)

Proposal: translate your own content to your native language

He is talking about article on :)

Best Tech GIFs & Memes Ever! Humour and Laughter โ€” The Best Medicine!

Every time something broke or when someone come in rushin...

The Definitive Guide To Protecting Your Eyes For Developers๐Ÿ‘€

There also is a night mode on some Android phone :) (my One...

Show off your terminal ๐Ÿ˜

Why did u choose white instead of dark ? I can't live wit...

What Genres Do You Listen To?

Hey ! I hope you like it ;) Here some suggestions : Fren...

What Genres Do You Listen To?

Industrial techno, Psytrance, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Frenchc...

What do you do when you're frustrated?

Take a smoke :D Music Take a break, do something else for l...

What kind of music do you listen to while working?

Hardstyle/Hardcore nobody :( ?

Tabs VS Space

I lol'd :D