Where do you look for conference CFP's?

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I just gave my first lightning talk, and really enjoyed it. I'd like to develop this talk further, and bring it to more people, so I was wondering, how do you find conferences with open CFP's? Is there a site out there that collects these?

I've tried searching twitter for CFP and related terms, but the results there aren't really useful so far.

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There are a few sites that attempt to aggregate tech conferences but I haven't been super satisfied with any of them.

Confs.tech was suggested to me earlier this week and it seems to have quite a lot of them.

I mostly find them from Twitter by following people who organize and speak in conferences and with my colleagues we are building an internal Google sheet to keep track of cfps.


There are a few resources listed in this article.


What I tend to do is follow conferences that I'm interested in or could be a good fit. They will usually announce on the website or social media when CFPs are going live.

Alternatively, are there any active tech communities in your area? It may be worth tapping a local meet up to see if they know of any CFPs that you may not have thought of.


Also congrats and well done on giving your first lightning talk. It seems like you have been bitten by the conference talk bug :)

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