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Full stack software engineer with a flair for creating elegant solutions with the least amount of time.Exceptional problem solver with an aptitude for troubleshooting and the ability to quickly master


Full Stack Software Engineer

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5 Tips On Landing Your First Developer Job

ok i want your CV as a template :D

HTML a Programming Language

These is a huge difference between markup language and progra...

So... Linux?

League of legends Starcraft 2

Which DevOps video would you like to see next? 🎬 πŸ’‘

Then I choose Kubernetes Volumes

Bored? πŸ™„ see what you can do now

Hey Dario, Regarding Design, this is in progress currently an...

Bored? πŸ™„ see what you can do now

Agreed, any contribution are more than welcome 😁

Which DevOps video would you like to see next? 🎬 πŸ’‘

All of them at the same time πŸ˜‚

DevOps 101: CI/CD

Even in most trusted well tested systems, pushing to produc...

Don’t make your .git folder publicly accessible, hacker can steal your source code

Pushing .git folder from the beginning is totally wrong, th...

What Do You Need to Know About Continuous Testing in DevOps?

Nice article, quick feedback: using some heading, bold and ...

So... Linux?

Yes i know that, unfortunately not a few companies are doin...

Sorting your imports correctly in React

And i thought i am alone by doing this, thanks for your con...

235 ideas of what to do while you are on quarantine

Time to contribute and increase the ideas πŸ€“

So... Linux?

The only drawback in linux is that you can’t play popular gam...

Make it stick! Sticky headers in CSS πŸ¦ŽπŸ”

Support for the new features is faster nowadays, thanks for...

A guide to Git for beginners

Well explained, thanks Brendan

I replaced useState hook with custom one

Question from my side, why you are not using something like...

SemVer and Conventional Commits

Nice article, i used semantic release to automate the vers...

Like `console.log` But Better

Long live β€œconsole.log”

Add Destroy Script πŸ”₯πŸ’» To package.json

Nice one πŸ™Œ

JavaScript’s Primitive Wrapper Objects (the hidden feature)

Hi Rohtash, sorry for the confusing, I updated the example....

CloudWatch or CloudTrail?

Simple and straightforward article πŸ™Œ