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A devlog about making a devlog, how fun :)

This is a post in a series called "David's Devlog" where I complain about developing stuff. Powered by Glitch and Node.js.

So, I wanted to make a devlog. Great for my portfolio about writting and web design. I chose as a place to publish and Glitch as a great place to write/host it. So I went to get started. I went to forem's article#createArticle API. I built something to fetch the API and got a 200, no JSON response. Weird.

I try running the script, changing API keys and everything. Still no luck. I tried appending /api/ to the URL. It worked.

I spend an hour trying to fix something that wasn't even broken. Typical me 🤦‍♂️.

Anyways, you can view the source on Glitch here. All you have to do is run "node publish POST_FILE". All posts are located in logs and use markdown-it to render it. It's licensed under the APGL 3.0 and if you use it, I'd appricate it if you credited me. Thanks.

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