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Adam Crockett
Adam Crockett

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🎩 JavaScript Enhanced SCSS mixins! 🎩 - CSS element() function polyfill

I was sad to see that its been 8yrs and only Firefox supports css element().

Fortunately with the help of some clever scss and css variables. I have been able to implement a polyfill. There are some limitations and I would not call it performant but its not the worst I have ever seen.

I will see if I can get a better version working with the Paint Api.

You might be thinking, this is useless?

well compositing live blur effects would be fairly simple using this approach, something I have sort of done before in other pens but not as elegantly as this.

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Davyd NRB

You solution is useless when try to render iframe\img that use resources from another domain

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Adam Crockett

Hi David that's a pretty strong and damning statement 🤷‍♂️ I'm sorry your having a bad day?

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Adam Crockett • Edited on

It's a pollyfill for a now defunct feature, let's be real it's not that usefull, and then theres this edge case where an Iframe which could literally do something like this is included I should expect it probably doesn't work no.

I am unsure what the limits of html to canvas are off the top of my head, something I read way back then mentions tainted canvas and iframe security yadeya it's been a while, I'm an old JavaScript ninja, give me a break 😉. There are proposals for screenshot APIs to replace the use of that library.

All in all this was one of my most popular posts and I think it's fun which is therefore useful.

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