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Working the project with 'Team'


This is maybe not gonna work for some of you . but so far it has been helping me throughout my software development career path.

Tips & Best Practices

Naming Conventions

it would be nice if the variable naming conventions follows Laravel Best Practice it would be like 20 minutes reading.

Pushing and Pulling Codes from Repositories

  • refer this docs git forks and upstreams
  • always pull from Master (upstream/master) upstream branch every single time u want to commit or start coding or before pushing codes.
  • always check for conflict issue and fix it before pushing .
  • always follow commit message formats Commit Message Standards . most of the time i'll be using feat and fix. below are the sample of my commit message
    • fixes - fix : update logic codes of this feature
    • feature - feat : create new endpoints for feature
  • if youre fixing bug or adding feature or enhancement, put the github issue number as follows fix : issue #385 or feat : issue #385
  • always run bin/ before pushing. this is to ensures that code style across application would be the same and formatted.

Code Branching

  • always practice creating a new branch for new features or fix.
  • everytime you want to do sprint endpoints always create new branch for your sprint eg: sprint-12 do not use the Master branch for every commit you want to make.
  • once the commit and push the codes into the branch , make a pull request to upstream Master (upstream/master) branch .
  • it'll be easier if u create new branch from upstream Master (upstream/master) and code whatever u need inside that separate branch.
  • after pull request has been merge, please delete the branch. and start over again if you want to run a new sprint.
  • always pull codes from upstream Master (upstream/master) by running git pull upstream master

i would be grateful if you can add more.

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