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DEV x Twilio Hackathon Journey: Ready, set, go!

This hackathon came to my attention at the best time possible. I was just looking into projects that I could do while I was waiting for all this to blow over.

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And grab a nice, cold pint

I've also introduced this hackathon to my colleagues at PROTOTYP and few of them were as excited about this challenge as much as I was.

Introducing the PROTOTYP team

We've managed to quickly assemble a team of people with different skills and areas of expertise:

Vlatko Vlahek - Developer
Adrian Bece - Developer
Igor Plac - Designer
Valentina Bermanec - Content management

Even at this early stage, their contribution was invaluable due to different points of view and areas we were able to cover while planning and outlining the project.

One of the two hardest things in Software development...

is, of course, naming things.

This week we've managed to decide on a name and started brainstorming on the potential features and ideas.

Although we're not yet ready to talk about the project outline and specifics as it's still work in progress and it's bound to change in a few days, we can at least tell you the name of our project.


Alt Text

Logo (first concept)

Until next time...

Next time we'll talk more about the project outline and concept and how Twilio's API fits into it.

Until then, stay safe and happy coding!

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