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DEV x Twilio Hackathon Journey: Working all day and night

This is going to be a quick update since we still have some work to do in order to meet the deadline!

In my last article, I've introduced you to the PROTOTYP team and our idea of the app concept for the DEV x Twilio Hackathon.

The team has been working days and (sometimes) nights on this project and having lots of fun in the process. Our designer, Igor Plac has managed to come up with an awesome design for the app and we're working hard to bring it to life.

So far you've seen our Homebound logo, but here is a design of a splash screen and a login screen.

Alt Text

You can see what kind of feel we're going for. We started by creating a fun & simple design using Figma. Making sure that user flow is easy and logical while keeping you at home, in your safe zone.

As we said, we are currently developing the design into a fully functioning app using React and Firebase as our infrastructure. And let's not forget about the essential part - Twilio API, which will play an important role in our app.

That's it for now! We can't wait to show you the final product! We'll have a much detailed post ready for our submission. See you all next week!

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