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Aju Tamang
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Kickstart to First Semester CS Project

Hello there, are you fighting with corona right? Yeah Everyone is. Stay safe and if you have time, you can welcome to read this short article. Currently, I am the first-semester student, learned a lot of things during my college time, and had a few awesome memories too. I haven't completed my semester and our exam canceled too. During this lockdown, I wanted to make my productive time so I am starting out my own opensource project to enhance my skills.

Well, my project name is Kovidju - Web app that gives the info about coronavirus which will be written in Django for Back-end stuff and React for front-end. It will be a simple one as I had started coding from my college time. Later, the project will be further built with Flutter App too. Kovidju will be hosted in Azure and it will definitely be helped to make hand dirty in cloud and DevOps stuff too. First of all, to initiate this project, I have done planning and system design too. Check it out.

System Design

I think rather moving directly to coding parts, planning, and designing the system that we are gonna build should be done. Otherwise, it would be difficult to scale the project later on. I will be sharing out my further blog of Kovidju Project. Thank you. Feedback is welcomed.

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