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Hi, welcome to my little small space here on I am a software Developer on the web and iOS

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University of Professional Studies


Web developer

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Clean Architecture on Frontend

This is by far one of the excellent pieces I have read on the...

The journey is only 1% finished

Congratulations man

What was your win this week?

of course I will check it out. Thank you

What was your win this week?

Have been playing around with design systems. I think its som...

What library/language/tool wowed you with its developer experience?

Vscode Netlify This is all I can reme...

High Order Components (React)

Thank you. will check it out

High Order Components (React)

So in cases of error handling, am sure it can useful then. ...

Flutter and Me

Oh okay Thank you

Flutter and Me

Thank you very much sir. This is more than helpful.

Redux or Context API?

okay Thank you

Logic & Problem Solving

Thank you. I find that very helpful

Node.js or Ruby?

For personal preference, I would recommend you go with node...

MacBook pro upgrade

Am not upgrading to a while2new computer. Am just changing ...

What technology do you want to learn in 2019?

Nodejs & GraphQL

The difference between HTTPS and HTTP

Yhhh I agree

Go or Python and why?

Okay. Thank you

Go or Python and why?

No web app

Go or Python and why?

Yes he is planning on building an app that will high perfor...

Is Ruby lang dying?

I asked cos there was a debate on going in one of my whatsa...

Is Ruby lang dying?

Yes you're right. Thanks

Is Ruby lang dying?

All submissions are welcome please

I'm Scott Hanselman, ask me anything!

Ohk thank you but what if you graduate with a C but is stil...

I'm Scott Hanselman, ask me anything!

Is a college degree really important to be successful in th...

Newbies Introduction to Ruby on Rails

Ruby is undoubtedly one of my most favourable language. It'...

What made you want to become a dev?

Mine is the idea of the power the computer has to be able t...

What are your must-read programming books?

1.Pragmatic Programming 2.Mythical Myth 3.Clean code Thes...

Create your first website on GitHub Pages

Yh that's awesome tool

What skills, besides purely technical, do you look for in other developers?

Oh yes.

Learning Rails in 2017

If you're new to ruby on rails and you're looking for place...

What are your biggest struggles in learning JavaScript?

You're damn right