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Python's Netmiko template

The following is a ready to go netlike template , you just need to choose your way of authentication and the device type , you can find the supported devices on both the documentation and the Git for the Netmiko library :

Netmiko Source Code : Netmiko Github
API reference (must check for more functionality) : Netmiko Doc

from netmiko import ConnectHandler

device_dictionary = {
                    'device_type': 'DEVICE_TYPE',  
                    'host': 'DEVICE_IP_ADDRESS',
                    'username': 'USERNAME',
                    'password' : 'PASSWORD',
                    # 'verbose': False ,
                    # 'session_log': 'log.txt', 
                    # 'global_delay_factor': 2, 
net_connect = ConnectHandler(**device_dictionary)
output = net_connect.send_command("show version")
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Comments on the code :

  • uncomment verbose if you want to disable Netmiko's Logs .
  • uncomment session_log to debug the connection failures .
  • uncomment _ global_delay_factor_ to add delay when waiting for commands output , very useful if the devices are slow , note that this is not in seconds but in multiple , so "2" mean multiply the default delay by 2 and so on

For more functionality , like the types of devices supported , please check the API docs .

Also check the textfsm templates part of the guide , this helps a lot with parsing the output instead of using the normal Regex way , it supports a lot of well known devices outputs .

good luck

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