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Minimal Notepad using Python (Tkinter)


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Lightweight & Minimal Text Editor



Lightweight Text Editor with minimal features.

⚠️ >>> 📣 This app is currently under active development <<< ⚠️

Why do you need this?

This app has minimum features so it provides the ability to be run on a potato Jokes aside, this app is built from the ground up and is totally BUG-FREE So you will have a really smooth experience using this.

This app does have minimal features but there are enough of them to get your work done.


  • Basic Text Editing
  • Text Operations: Cut, Copy & Paste
  • Open & Save Files
  • Menu Items
  • Functioning Sidebar
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Font Selector
  • Text Formatting
  • Text Color/Highlight
  • Customisable Application Themes


You, my friend, are totally free to review the source code and contribute to this project, after all, this is what open-source means.

Read the Contributing guidelines.

💖 Support

The best way you can me is…

Lightweight Notepad made with Python

This is a personal project of mine made for a Hackathon,
It is a lightweight Text Editor made using Python & Tkinter.

It would mean a lot to me if you would have a look at my project and give it a Star.
Also, feel free to Contribute to the project and add new features.

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