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Discussion on: How to put a Ruby on Rails application in Maintenance Mode

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 • Edited

Herkou can do both failovers and blue/green and yes you can do maintenance pages for those who don't know yet how easy to use these modern features. It's not complex.

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Drew Bragg

I gotta go with Andrew on this one. I use Digital Ocean for my servers and Capistrano to deploy my rails apps. With next to zero config I can deploy an update to any of my apps with zero downtime and if anything was to go wrong with a deployment cap has a built in method to rollback to a previous deployment.

Maybe a maintenance mode could be needed for a different framework but I really can't see anyone needing to put their Rails app into maintenance mode to deploy an update.

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Yeah, Capistrano is great, Zero-Downtime is great and Blue/Green too. Keep using what fits your needs ✌️