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re: And you don't need to use AWS, it has become common functionality among all Cloud Providers and for those who don't want to use one of the big thre...

I dont think the only reason is knowing or old habits. Some people just explicitly decide against complexity when it is useful. You are generalising about all environments irrespective of the requirements. And beneath aws, azure and google cloud there arent that many providers who sell such advanced features. Even Heroku has this wonderful pragmatic feature „maintenance pages“ so please accept that for some people maintenance pages are useful and a decision rather than the lack of knowledge or old habits...

Herkou can do both failovers and blue/green and yes you can do maintenance pages for those who don't know yet how easy to use these modern features. It's not complex.

I gotta go with Andrew on this one. I use Digital Ocean for my servers and Capistrano to deploy my rails apps. With next to zero config I can deploy an update to any of my apps with zero downtime and if anything was to go wrong with a deployment cap has a built in method to rollback to a previous deployment.

Maybe a maintenance mode could be needed for a different framework but I really can't see anyone needing to put their Rails app into maintenance mode to deploy an update.

Yeah, Capistrano is great, Zero-Downtime is great and Blue/Green too. Keep using what fits your needs ✌️

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