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Discussion on: New Project: Repo Recap!

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Andy Zhao (he/him) Author

Big shout-out to @ben for the initial idea of making this an open source project, and being generally helpful and supportive along the way! πŸ™Œ

Stay tuned this Friday for the next Repo Recap!

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Ben Halpern

I'm excited about this. I want us to push the use cases on the site for stuff like this.

I think in the future we could have "bot accounts" which publish useful stuff and can be followed like any other use account. They might not create the great unique writing of humans, but if you want to keep up with a project within DEV, it could be a great use case. So this could be extended to fit right into that idea.

I meant to write this on @owenconti 's post but forgot, so I'll tag him now:

I think the same sort of thing could be tied to releases/changelogs etc. Anybody who wants to integrate with our beta publishing API in interesting ways can be our guest! (explicit bot accounts are not a thing, but I'd like to explore that if anyone wants to pitch an initial use case and we can make it a thing soon enough if someone wants to make use of it)