Launching my first side project, Released!

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Hi all!

I'm launching my first official side project today, Released!

Released helps you with software versioning, generating release notes, sending notifications, and publishing your application.

There's a free plan available to all users which allows you to import one repository and play around with Released!

Otherwise, for the first week of launch, I'm offering a 50% discount on the yearly plan ($50 USD down from $100!).

Check it out at: https://releasedapp.com

I also have a walk through video of the application you can check out:

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I love the idea and will definitely be checking this out. Going to make some time today to watch the video.

I manage the release process for a cross-platform desktop app, and the process is very manual. This is partially due to our build β€œsystem,” but we’re making strides to improve it. Definitely interested in this product.

Curious if the product currently has the feature set to handle versioning and notifications differently for alpha, beta, and β€œstable” releases. If it does not yet make distinctions around the release β€œtype” is that a feature you have/would consider adding?

Great work. Eager to check it out.


Hi Wes!

Thanks for the comment!

Currently there is no distinction between alpha/stable releases, but it is something I have considered.

Would you be willing to email me your desired workflow and I can add it to my roadmap item?

owen at ohseemedia.com


Absolutely, Owen! Thanks for the response. Going to sign up and check it out tonight. I’ll shoot you an email afterwards.


The integration with RemoteAuth seems a little bit tedious. Are you planning to embed it within your UI in future releases?


Hi Jakub, yes eventually. That's mostly what everyone has mentioned so far.

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