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What's the connection between Debian and Toy Story?

Debian is a popular Linux distribution. Ubuntu, which is the first choice of many Linux new-comers, is based on Debian.

Debian 10, which was just released today, is code-named Buster. Debian 9 is Stretch, Debian 8 is Jessie, and the earlier ones Wheezy, Squeeze, Lenny... which are all Pixar's Toy Story characters!

But why Toy Story code names?

It turns out, at the time Debian made its first release with a code name, Debian 1.1 Buzz (yes, Buzz Lightyear), the project leader at the time (Bruce Perens) was working at Pixar.

You may find the other Debian code names in A Brief History of Debian.

Buster and Woody

If you look closer to the Debian 10 wallpaper, which is the cover image of this post, you will notice there is a hidden shape of Buster, Andy's pet dog.

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